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New Album by An Danzza



An Danzza releases the fifth album “Whispers of the forest”. In this new work An Danzza penetrates into a dark forest, full of myths, sounds from others worlds and evocations of ancient gods.

The composition and production belongs to Andrés Campuzano, who also has the privilege to have exceptional musicians: Octavio Molano (flutes, bagpipes), Jaime Sanz (oboe) and Alba Sola (violins). The singer Haydée Mariñoso (ex-Waldheim, ex-Remembrances) is the person in charge of the vocals. Besides, one of the songs -the revision of the english ‘Past time in good company’- count on Marina Romero’s collaboration.

‘Whispers of the forest’ the An Danzza fifth album, it’s going to be available on 4 april on digital platforms.

An Danzza was born in Madrid (Spain) in 2004 as an independet project by the hand of Andrés Campuzano. From then he has released four albums: ‘Last Autum Tears’ (2010), ‘Canción de los Juncos’ (2011), ‘Tierra de Andanzas’ (2013) and ‘Scintilla’ and has collaborated with dozens of musicians and singers around the world. Stand out the work of the singer Macarena Martín (vocals in ‘Canción de los Juncos’ and ‘Tierra de Andanzas’).

Besides folk An Danzza has experimented with other styles like metal. The result are some good songs of viking and progressive metal.

Track list from ‘Whispers of the forest’

1.Whispers of the forest
2. Faint Song
3. Follow the unicorn
4. Lady of Snow
5. Ring of fire
6. Hecate
7. Past time with good company
8. Jörmundgander
9. Creature
10. The last march of the Ents
11. When the wind moans
12. Golden Whispers
13. Ay linda amiga
14. Farewell
15. The forest that never sleeps

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