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New Album by David Clavijo



David Clavijo is now ready with an album called From The Depths. It’s been 6 years since the release of The Landing (Special Edition). Now David presents his second album, totally new and refined, but the musical richness of his first work is intact.

On this journey he is accompanied by great artists including Chad Lawson, a great pianist who brings a delicate touch in each note, Cillian Vallely piper from the Irish band Lúnasa, the great Canadian flutist Ron Allen (OST The Passion of the Christ), the virtuoso saxophonist Premik Russell (Whitney Houston, Carlos Santana), the wonderful voices of Charlee Brooks (David Arkenstone), Laura Powers and Spanish singer Rosa Cedrón (Luar Na Lubre & Mike Oldfield), among others.

“From The Depths” also includes the singing of Native American Indians, the solemnity fo Gregorian Chants, the magical sounds of different flutes of the world like the famous Japanese flute Shakuhashi, the warmth of the Low & Tin Whistle or Kena, beautifully accompanied by David Clavijo’s guitars and synthesizers.

The album is available on iTunes.


1. From The Depths
2. When we were together
3. Fly with me
4. The Song of Wisdom
5. Fragile World (feat. Laura Powers)
6. Sanctus Dominus
7. Sitting on the Seawall (feat. Premik Russell)
8. The Journey (feat. Charlee Brooks)
9. Où est mon Bonheur? (feat. Chad Lawson)
10. Out Of The Depths (feat. Charlee Brooks)
11. Fragile World (bonus track) [feat. Rosa Cedrón & Chad Lawson]