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New Album by John Burke



John Burke, who has achieved international success with his solo piano recordings, recently released his fourth album titled Orogen. Encompassing an energetic flavor of new-age jazz and classicism, Orogen is an album that challenges preconceptions of piano music.

An orogen is a region of the Earth’s crust where mountains are formed. Within each composition, an underlying melody gradually reveals itself. Forged by musical forces and shifts throughout the album, this subterranean melody ascends to unveil a symphonic mountain range.

A native of Atlanta, GA, John Burke is an award-winning pianist with a prolific musical career. Inspired by pianist George Winston and keyboardist Ray Manzarek, John has created an intelligent, rich, and cinematic sound. Since graduating from Oglethorpe University in 2011, John has composed four internationally acclaimed solo piano albums, two of which were finalists for Album of the Year at SoloPiano.com. John has also composed film scores, directed musical theatre, performed jazz throughout Atlanta, and collaborated with a wide variety of instrumentalists, singers, and writers.

Orogen is available on JohnBurkeMusic.com as well as iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.