New Album by Timothy Wenzel


What DO we hold dear? That is the essential question behind all the songs on Timothy Wenzel’s new album. The composer and instrumentalist offers some of his own feelings, in the form of twelve instrumental pieces that touch on themes such as those whom we love, nature, the magic of the unknown and unexpected, dreams and imagination.

Ranging from deeply introspective to playful, these songs can truly touch the soul. “What We Hold Dear” is Timothy’s sixth solo album. With guest artists Josie Quick (violin), Jordan Schug (cello) and Sarah Joerz (vocals). Mastered by Grammy Award winning engineer Corin Nelson.

Here’s a short presentation of the album by the artist:
Again; What DO we hold dear? Is it the mysteries of nature, such as starling Murmuration? Is it those whom we love? Perhaps it is the simple beauty of flowing Appalachian Waters. For some, it is Ascension to new levels of being. For others, it is the magic of Incantations. And let us not forget coming back home In A Little While.

Who does not value the wisdom and mystery of a Desert Dream? Or the magical stillness On a Quiet Night? Or to be Hypnotized by someone you love. Or experiencing the mystery of life itself on A Spring Day in Autumn?

Finally, we all need a vision, a lullaby to soothe our souls, our own Turquoise Sky, Emerald Sea.”

The album was released on April 25 2017.

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