New Albums from MG Music


Midori, Age Of Echoes, Wychazel and Guy Sweens are all ready with fresh music, released on the MG Music label. If you are looking for new music, look no further.

First out is “Mantras”, which is:

“Gentle rhythms inspired from India on Tabla mixed with typical Medwyn-Midori guitars and warm keyboards. Authentic Mantras sung by New Zealand’s healer – Jeanette Wilson and daughter Sarah Carter.”

Sample it here. 

Age of Echoes new record is: 

“An epic and uplifting soundscape, pausing on the threshold of this life and the next. At once a sentimental remembrance of a life left behind and an exciting, awe inspiring vision of what comes next on this eternal journey.”

It is available on the MG Music homepage.

This is what Wychazel has in store for us: 

“Imagine yourself with nothing to do but relax in the tranquil setting of a Zen Garden. The uniquely beautiful sound of Bamboo Flutes and soft musical themes imbued with mystical flavours of the Far East unfold against a backdrop of peaceful natural sounds, guiding you on your journey.”

Get it here.

Guy Sweens too has a fascinating new release: 

“In various ancient cultures that have a polytheistic religious tradition, the Dawn Goddess is often worshiped. The Romans had Aurora and Eos was her Greek counter part. The Inca culture had Chasca who created the dawn and twilight. At dawn the world is slowly awakening and sometimes the twilight is so mysterious that it seems as if you are on another planet! This album has been inspired by the magical moment of the dawn and the music contains elements of various cultures.”

Get this (and all the above releases) on the MG Music homepage