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New Albums on MG Music


MG Music has some great new albums ready for us New Age music fans this late Winter/early Spring. Be sure to check them out!

From the MG Music homepage:

“Deep cosmic ambience combines with gentle cascading sequences and evolving, evocative soundscapes to take you on a journey back through time to the birth of creation. The perfect backdrop to meditation and a connection to higher cosmic consciousness.” Sample it here.

“A mystical, uplifting journey into a world of fantasy.” Sample it here.

“Inspired by the poetry of Rumi, Light of the Soul takes you on a spiritual journey  of harmony and love. The soft and dreamy music performed on keyboards will  accompany you to the awakening of the heart.” This album is currently not on Spotify. Sample it here

Guy Sweens says: “It feels like yesterday that I became a professional recording artist, but it is in fact already 12 years ago! So after six studio albums, MG Music and I agreed that it was time for a best of collection. We did our best to gather the most popular tracks, although we realise that maybe some of them are missing.
But of course you can always make your collection complete with the original albums 🙂

For those who have just discovered my music, this is a good occasion to check out what I have created so far.

All tracks on this collection have been recorded between 2005 and 2017. I hope you enjoy the album and in the meantime I will try my best to keep on writing new music!” Sample it here.

“Etherial textures and dreamlike themes with flavours of the mystic East merge enticingly with gently hypnotic rhythms and mysterious atmospheric effects. Ideal for relaxation, vizualisation and journeys of the imagination.

Featuring Guitars, Synths & Samples, atmospherics and instruments from the ERA Ancient Persia sample library. Continuous music with no silent pauses between tracks.” Sample it here.

“Gentle, serene, nurturing. Soft tones, piano, and guitar for deep relaxation, natural healing. Music that promotes a sense of love and care, and protection.” Sample it here.


Wow! I’m sure some of the finest New Age music artists currently active is to be found in the above post 🙂