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New Dean Evenson Album: Seeds of Peace


Soundings of the Planet invites you to take a journey into the stunningly beautiful collaboration between sound healing pioneer Dean Evenson and Ukrainian jazz virtuoso Volodymyr Solianyk which transcends culture and genre. Their heartfelt music of flute and piano transports the listener to a place of peace beyond time and space. These tracks represent Soundings of the Planet’s vision of Peace Through Music in its highest form.

In 1987, with the Cold War still raging, Dean Evenson first met Volodymyr Solianyk when he visited the Ukraine and Russia as part of a Citizen Diplomacy tour he helped organize to the former Soviet Union.

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Dean and Volodymyr didn’t speak the same language but through the universal language of music, they were able to communicate perfectly. They performed together and recorded for the historic album Music Makes the Snow Meltdown featuring Soundings and Soviet musicians, including avant-garde performer Sergey Kuryokhin.

Dean Evenson and Volodymyr Solianyk

Years later, Volodymyr was able to visit the US and record with Dean these beautiful piano and flute pieces. Now seems like the perfect time to release this music to a world in great need of peace.

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