New EP by Laura Powers


Laura Powers is ready with a new EP called Echoes of the Goddess.

In her own words, this is what the new music is all about:

I’ve just completed new music, an EP (Extended Play) titled “Echoes of the Goddess”, which continues the Celtic-infused sound from the “Legends of the Goddess” trilogy. It has been too long, and I’m excited to share this new music with you!

Right now, it’s available digitally only on this website (It’s not at itunes/Pandora yet) at a discounted rate for those of you in the inner circle! I’ll keep the discounted price up for several weeks, but please don’t pass this up.

As you likely know by now, I try to create a flow with my music, which I hope enhances the listening experience — more like a concept album. The first three songs, “The Other Side”, “Trail of Her Tears”, and “Dreaming Tree” (written before Dave Matthews create a wonderful wine of the same name… Thanks for the boost, Dave! :-)… seem to work so well together, and I love the guitar work the brilliant Chris Pelcer did on the first two tracks — lovely!

Track 4 is a sensual belly-dance song, and Track 5 was inspired by some adorable children who joined me onstage at a concert a while back and started dancing to the lyrics of the song I was playing. I thought, “What if I really provided some cool, kid-friendly lyrics they could act out and dance to?”. So, this song, “Kid’s Quest”, is the result.

See more information on Laura Powers’ blog.