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New Single by Paul Adams & Elizabeth Geyer


Music with a larger-than-life atmosphere never ceases to amaze me. It is as of the artist has found the answers to just about everything and we gain access to this knowledge by listening. “Essence & Flow” is the name of the very promising new single by Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer from their forthcoming album “Deeper Imaginings”. It has this rare quality in abundance. Check it out and experience its power!

Paul Adams debuted in 1990 with “Various Waves” and has since that released 11 critically acclaimed albums. He has over 95 million streams on Pandora. His most recent album “Imaginings” won the award for Best Instrumental Album of the year 2016 at Zone Music Awards. Elizabeth Geyer is an Australian singer, who also contributed on “Imaginings”. In 2016 she released her fourth album, The Bridge.

Essence & Flow
When you hit play on “Essence & Flow”, it is as if the world is coming to life around you. There are some rich and warm synth pads, lush textures and few gentle piano notes. Soon we hear an ethnic flute, Elizabeth’s wonderful vocalization, and a citar. It is an amazing and creative combination of instruments, a fusion featuring the best of the best.

Although the song rises in intensity, it brings with it a profound feeling of peace and harmony. If I were to use one word to describe it, it would be love. There’s not a trace of evil or darkness here, only love in its purest form – the very essence of life.

The latest episode of Dream Mixtape is dedicated to Essence & Flow. Listen to it here:

The song has a very loose structure. This is the flow, as indicated in the title. There’s no need for rhythm. It is moving along like a mountain creek, a gentle force of nature.

In conclusion: “Essence & Flow” by Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer is a magnificent first single from their upcoming album! If the album is anything like this, it will become a must-have release.

But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.

Get all the latest details about “Deeper Imaginings” on pauladams.org

The single is also on Spotify: