New Single by RedHeat: Hanami Nights


RedHeat has just released a single called “Hanami Nights”. It is a Tropical House flavored New Age track with a powerful backstory. 

RedHeat writes:

“The trees and flowers begin to awaken in the spring sun. As she does too from her long hibernation. For my dearest, Ilona-Ruby. In November 2018 Ilona received the news that there was a problem that needed urgent attention, as many know Cancer is one of those things that scare the heck out of people, and it sure did for us.

Marking our 21st year together, this piece of music was composed shortly after the grueling 6 months of physical isolation, shut-in together from the rest of the world for the duration of her chemo.

The chemotherapy compromised her immune system, and made her extremely tired, potential exposure to coughs and colds was deemed an unacceptable risk. The safest place to be was at home with me, with most of my responsibilities being a primary caregiver, ensuring the best recovery possible given the circumstances.

Fast forward to Spring 2019, good news – the cancer has been wiped out from her system, at this stage there is still a month of radiotherapy using high an energy particle beam from a linear accelerator, rather than radioactive isotope as in the old-days (not quite the Large Hadron Collider, but close…) she will then be fully cleared.

Hanami Nights is my love, and also a triumph for my own music development as I get closer to the sound I have always wanted to get right. Guitars. Inspired by the spring blossoming of the local cherry trees while taking Ilona out in her wheelchair for strolls around the place where we live. In Japanese theme, pentatonic scale, and traditional Japanese instruments crossed over with western guitar.

I hope you enjoy Hanami Nights. Officially released as a single on our wedding anniversary 6/6.”

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