News From MG Music


MG Music has several new titles out this summer. They are:

Island Paradise – Midori

Not a direct sequel but inspired by a previous Midori album entitled “Bali” which became a best seller in the late 90’s. A tropical paradise
with long tracks full of wood flutes and instruments from India and the Orient.

1. To the Island – 10.27
2. Sparkiling Light – 20.09
3. Temple Shrine – 20.30

You’ll find the album here.

Voyager – Catherine Duc

Introducing the very talented Catherine Duc. A wonderful collection of tracks inspired by a world voyage taking in styles from Celtic to India. Brilliantly performed instruments, melodies, moods and atmospheres.

catherine-duc-voyager1. Owen’s Pot – 3.21
2. Inishowen Dawn – 3.16
3. Vardo – 4.49
4. Mantra -3.25
5. Once – 2.44
6. Antilles – 4.29
7. Lhasa Lullaby -3.27
8. Black is the Colour – 3.49
9. The Seventh Chamber – 3.55
10. Seallaibh Curraigh Eoghainn – 2.07
11. Essence of Dreams – 4.12

You’ll find the album here.

natures-treasuers-rainbow-suzyNatures Treasures – Rainbow Suzy

Introducing Rainbow Suzy, a meditation teacher. She has created 2 wonderful meditation, visualisation CD’s. Each title has 2 meditations with relaxation introductions, plus an instrumental without word. Recorded and produce Medwyn Goodall, with original music textures and sound by Medwyn.

1. Introduction – 2.32
2. Butterfly Wings – 12.44
3. Introduction 2 -2.32
4. Positive Mantra – 11.50
5. Sacred Garden – 14.45

45 mins approx

You’ll find the album here.

golden-dawn-rainbow-suzyGolden Dawn – Rainbow Suzy

Suzy’s second CD as described above.

1. Introduction – 2.32
2. The Overcoat – 10.39
3. Introduction 2 – 2.32
4. Rainbow Sparkles – 14.11
5. Awakening -14.45

45mins approx.

You’ll find the album here.

Also, Medwyn says:

The New Studio

I have been out of the picture for a while as I have been re-designing my studio and I was mad enough to decide to also redecorate the building. So I have been covered in paint for a good while. The studio was entirely emptied of equipment and I started from scratch, a very bold move, but I was beginning to feel limited and held back by the technology I had. The computer wasnt coping very well. After much hair pulling, screaming, stress and a lot of very appreciated help from my good friends Chris (Wychazel) and Tim Rock, the new studio has emerged into being. It is quite amazing. Full of new sounds, possibilities, improved sound quality, I feel this re-newed sense of inspiration of “OOooo!” what I can do with this??! So watch this space. 🙂

update: Two projects are now underway for Authumn and Christmas.