Nicholas Gunn – Entering (Twin Falls)


Entering (Twin Falls) follows Nicholas Gunn’s breakout classic of the same name from 1995. Completely reworked and re-recorded and this time appearing on electronic music giant, Armada Music following their unmistakable brand of chill. 

Press release by Higher Level Media

If it’s a chill backbeat you are looking for then the radio and extended mixes are the perfect solution while the acoustic edit offers a quieter moment of reflection.

Sample the single and find it on your favorite streaming service:
Born and raised in the UK and a student of the Royal Academy of Music, Gunn has produced and composed over 21 studio album recordings, as well as countless other singles and productions, reaching millions worldwide. Over his long career, which spans several decades, Gunn continues to push the threshold of experimental, ambient, and electronic works fusing past and present with a sound that is uniquely his.

For your reference, here is the 1995 Entering Twin Falls track:

Combining guest vocal performances alongside a lyrical style and melody that is unmistakably Gunn, he now finds himself making a mark across multiple genres. Gunn’s work as a songwriter and producer continues to top the charts with his writing collaboration, For All Time, receiving Tune of the Year on A State of a Trance in 2021 all the while new originals on dance label giant Armada Music are fast becoming favorites worldwide.

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