Oliva – Wonder World


“Wonder World” album was inspired during an expedition to the Red Wood National Park and Prairie Creek State Park, California in December 2017. The album contains a variety of natural sounds from different rivers in the Redwood area.

Press release by Higher Level Media

“Wonder World” is full of dynamic inspirational and relaxing melodies. The music will take you to a place of inner self-balance, a world of magic and dreams.

Several acoustic and electronic keyboard pianos are performed by Jorge Emilio (Emil) with feature voices by Belinda Padron. All music was composed, arranged, and produced by José Antonio Oliva. The album was recorded at ALCIONE studio in Miami, Florida.

Oliva began his music studies in Classical Guitar and composition in Cuba dating back to 1979. His first production was a new age album called “Visitors from Another Dimensions” in 1995. Oliva has produced more than 90 albums.

He has topped charts with several instrumental and Electronic Compilations such as PureTrance from 1 to 9 series, This is Trance, Liquid Trance, Mega Trance, Club Trance & several other productions and collaborations.

Oliva’s music is a blend of Instrumental, New Age, Classical, Chill Out, World, Electronic, and Nature Sounds. His albums focus on creating music with the objective of expanding consciousness and meditation. Many productions cover themes such as Ancient Civilizations, Explores Personalities, Historical Events, World and Cosmic Explorations along with the new concept of Electronic music that brings calmness and a sense of an uplifted state of mind.

His music is often associated with the music style of Enigma, Deep Forest, ATB, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Kitaro, Enja, Karunesh, Terry Oldfield, Medwyn Goodall, Cusco, Deuter, ATB, Cosmic Gate, Solarstone, and Delirium.