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Osmunda Music – Love Will Overcome


Osmunda Music announces the release of Love Will Overcome—the second album from Osmunda Music, a.k.a. Rebecca Trujillo Vest. A collection of 10 songs that continue the lyrical odes to peace and positive change embodied by Munda, this album is a next step in a musical journey Trujillo Vest began several years ago while traveling the world with her Martin Backpacker guitar through Europe, Israel, and India.

Drawing inspiration from her internal spiritual convictions and her passionate activism on behalf of causes ranging from global warming and arts education to people experiencing homelessness and hunger, Love Will Overcome provides powerful anthems that reflect moving perspectives in a time of global turbulence and change.

“With this album, I wanted to make a statement about the undeniable power of positivity—manifest in all of its forms—and the genuine effect of that force in the world,” said Trujillo Vest. “For so many of us, daily news cycles can be a reminder of the dramatic currents that shake our world in conflict-ridden and negative ways, and I see Love Will Overcome as a musical notebook that listeners can use to write their own narratives of affirmation.”

A recent review of Munda on Drooble concludes, “In a world that feels like it’s going down, we definitely need the outlook of artists of people like Rebecca Trujillo Vest because the positivism she spreads is sincere, honest, and motivational.” Love Will Overcome continues this artistic trajectory.

John X Volaitis and Rebecca Trujillo Vest produced the album and all songs are performed by Trujillo Vest and Volaitis, with guest artists featuring Farmer Dave Scher on keyboards and Michael Vest on guitar.

For more music samples and information, see osmundamusic.com