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Pam Asberry – Twelvemonth


“Twelvemonth” is the incredible new release by Pam Asberry. Her sixth album is dedicated to the memory of Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel; her piano solo cycle “Das Jahr” (The Year), composed in 1841, was the inspiration for this project. Although she was enormously talented both as a pianist and a composer, her ambitions were not encouraged as music was not considered a respectable career for a young woman of her time. Still, she managed to create over five hundred pieces of music, and one cannot help but wonder what she, and other women of her generation, might have accomplished if not for the constraints of societal expectations.

Pam Asberry is a classically trained pianist from the age of seven. She completed a master’s degree in piano performance and piano pedagogy and maintains a private teaching studio near Atlanta, Georgia. She has played concerts across the United States and overseas and her passion is sharing her music and the stories behind them with listeners everywhere.

A BMI artist, she released her first album of original solo piano music, “Seashells in My Pocketin October 2017. The album was awarded Best New Artist 2018 at Enlightened Piano Radio. Her second album, a collection of holiday arrangements titled “Thankful Heart, Joyful Mind“, was released in October 2018. Her April 2019 release, “The Presence of Wonder“, reached #7 on the April 2019 Zone Music Reporter chart, climbed to #1 on the July 2019 One World Music Radio chart, and was nominated Best Solo Piano album at One World Music Radio. “All Through the Night“, released in October 2019, is a soothing collection of original pieces, traditional lullabies from around the world, and fresh arrangements of classical works. Her fifth album, “Moods, Impressions & Souvenirs, debuted in April 2020. In our review, we wrote that: “Pam Asberry has delivered a phenomenal album, proving yet again that she is one of this genres’ finest solo piano artists. “Moods, Impressions & Souvenirs” is easily one of 2020’s best Solo Piano releases.”

Without further ado, here is what we Pam Asberry fans have been waiting for: the brand new album “Twelvemonth”!!

About each of the pieces on “Twelvemonth”, Pam Asberry has this to share:

Snow (January) captures the peace and serenity that settle in after a snowfall.

Romance (February) tells an old-fashioned love story.

Wind (March) captures the essence of the powerful breezes that come with the transition of winter to spring.

Awakening (April) celebrates the rebirth and renewal of springtime.

Maypole is a May Day dance, in which people dance around a tall pole holding onto long thin pieces of colorful cloth in celebration of the approach of summer.

Processional (June) is an elegant march written to accompany the members of a wedding party as they walk down the aisle.

Sparklers (July) evokes the thrill of watching fireworks on Independence Day.

Peridot was named after the mystical green gemstone that is also August’s primary birthstone. The piece was written to bring peace and light to all who hear it.

Lament (September) expresses the melancholy linked with the imminent arrival of harsh weather.

Shadows is a spooky song for the month of October.

Hymn is a song of Thanksgiving, celebrated in the United States during the month of November.

Hope is a musical expression of hope for joy and peace at Christmastime (December) and always.

For more information and music samples, visit pamasberry.com