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Paul Adams & Elizabeth Geyer – A Journey of Dreams


A JOURNEY OF DREAMS is the name of Paul Adams and Australian Elizabeth Geyer’s most recent single. They have been releasing music as a duo since the album IMAGININGS won best contemporary Instrumental album of the year at the ZMR awards in 2015. DEEPER IMAGININGS followed two years later and garnered nominations as best New Age music album of the year. Their third collaboration SANCTUARY was selected album of the year 2022 by us here on The New Age Music Guide. Their new single A JOURNEY OF DREAMS from their future album takes the duo to “even deeper artistic vistas.”

Adams said, “We wanted to focus on beauty- especially as the world seems in such deep chaos”. Of course, his exotic collection of instruments and the electric sitar he made have played a prominent role in amassing over 132 million streams on Pandora. Blended with Elizabeth Geyer’s sensitive piano and instrumental vocalizations, A JOURNEY OF DREAMS creates a continuously beautiful and exotic flow from their previous releases.

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For A JOURNEY OF DREAMS, Elizabeth said she wanted to create a place of safety and home. “Imagine a place where you once came from, where you will go back to and you sometimes visit in dreams. A timeless, blissful place where everything makes sense – true home. A Journey of Dreams.”

With its serene exotic nature and ethnic impressions, Adams says it offers a bit of artistic and spiritual pragmatism. “It’s all right here on circus earth – from the heinous to the sublime. We felt a need to create something that might focus on the
deep beauty people are capable of – the giving of one’s self to a greater cause. ”

Living thousands of miles apart creates difficulty, but sending music files back and forth between America and Australia has an accompanying positive note. The time spent between takes allows the music to breathe. A JOURNEY OF DREAMS came together completely unforced and natural.

“It’s rather magical really,” says Adams. “We work together so well and each of us has a connection and feel for the musical intent. Our artistic goals are very similar. And this interesting way of creating together seems somewhat fitting in the ever shrinking world we live in today. That was the main force behind A JOURNEY OF DREAMS. We feel as if God, nature or whatever you wish to call it is challenging us. She’s wondering if we have the interpersonal maturity and cultural skills to work together in this rapidly changing, growing yet shrinking world!”

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