Paul Avgerinos – Amma



Grammy Winner Paul Avgerinos wants you to meet his Mother: The Divine Mother that is. “Amma” is the name of this latest album.

Mastered with analog warmth and depth by Michael Fossenkemper using 1/2 Inch 15 IPS tape and his consummate skill, “Amma” features Paul’s voice on every track for the very first time. With eight songs in Sanskrit and three in English, Avgerinos has crafted an album both uplifting and reverential, joyful and fun. Lovers of the kirtan, yoga and new age genres will not be disappointed, and fans of Deva Premal, Snatam Kaur and Krishna Das will find a fresh new style to enrich their listening experience.

Right after his Grammy nomination for Bhakti, Paul and his wife Jen were drawn to India in February of 2015 to become devotees of Amma. On February 20, a few days after receiving their mantras, Amma gave them her blessing to have a baby. After three years of trying they got pregnant in May and Jen’s due date was February 20 of 2016!

12 days after winning a Grammy for his “Grace” album, on February 27, the exact same day of the month that Amma herself was born, their precious Amma baby Juliana Joy came into this world!

In gratitude to Amma, (better known as the Hugging Saint) for all the many blessings she brings into his life, Avgerinos created this musical offering.

This album is an expression of the grace and bliss that I experience everyday in my relationship with Amma, a true living Saint. We offer this album at Amma’s lotus feet in the hopes that it will help to share her unfathomable Grace ever more fully in the world. For me, one hour of devotional singing is equal to ten hours of meditation – Paul Avgerinos

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