Pergola: Purely Piano


Composer/pianist Barbara Graff releases her new instrumental album, Pergola: Purely Piano. Pergola includes a fun song titled Broad Ripple Blues, a fusion of New Age/Contemporary piano and traditional blues, along with fourteen other New Age piano compositions. The title track, Pergola, expresses the beautiful canopy of vines that inspire this namesake song.

Another composition, Cataract Lake, was inspired by the beautiful area around Cataract Falls in Cataract, Indiana.

This is Barbara’s second instrumental album. She also composed and performed a holiday-themed single, Christmas Magic, released in December 2014 and featuring vocalist Chloe Boelter.

Barbara’s music is featured on WITT radio, as well as several Internet radio stations and podcasts.  Barbara’s singles and albums are available for download or purchase on iTunes,, and CD Baby.

Go to to preview full-length selections from her new album, Pergola.