Perpetual Motion Releases “Dance of Two Souls”


Denver based acoustic duo Perpetual Motion is thrilled to announce the release of “Dance of Two Souls”, a celebration of life, love, and music. The duo consists of award-winning guitarist Tom Carleno and violinist Josie Quick. Their sound is acoustic world fusion, it exists in the spaces between music from everywhere: a vibrant blend of world music, progressive jazz, and blues. Tom’s deep beat of classic rock and Josie’s complex thrill of gypsy violin work together to wrap around your core and make you want to move.  “Dance of Two Souls” will be released on 1 June. 

In 2008 violinist Josie Quick suffered a debilitating onset of lupus symptoms, which curtailed the group’s creative output. “Dance of Two Souls” is their first studio album of new material since her remission. The music captures the spirit of gratitude and the joy of life. It is music that reflects the duos’ wanderlust, drawing from rhythms and tonal influences of places they’ve been and those they wish to visit.

During the interim Tom released his debut solo guitar album, winning the Zone Music Reporter award for best acoustic instrumental in 2014. Josie appeared on numerous recordings, most notably Sensitive Chaos “March of the Time Shifters” and “Walking a Beautiful World” and Timothy Wenzel’s “Running Away”, “What We Hold Dear”, and “Distant Horseman”.

The pair joined the progressive Americana band Coyote Poets of the Universe, releasing with them a two-record set “Strange Lullaby” that spent an amazing 25 weeks on the AMA charts.

“The combination of Josie’s progressive melodic violin playing and the gentle, rhythmic and Latin influenced guitar provided by partner Tom Carleno makes for sweet music. The broad strokes of sound painted on their musical canvas is the perfect marriage of sound, color, and vibrations. This is all natural with no additives, it is acoustic world fusion with jazz added for spice and snap. So, sit down and enjoy a homemade recipe of music straight from the magical fingers of two very talented souls.” Keith Hannaleck- MusikMan Reviews

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