Peter Calandra – Ambient Tuesdays


“Ambient Tuesdays” by Peter Calandra is a collection of musical performances sculled from the weekly YouTube series of the same name that Peter Calandra created and published between 2019 and 2020.

Press release by Higher Level Media

The music tells stories in sound and ranges from spacious and emotive piano-based music to beautifully scored orchestral music.

Peter Calandra is a prolific composer and keyboard player whose solo albums are wonderfully diverse, spanning world music, jazz, contemporary jazz, new age, pop, and neo-classical. The thread throughout his music is the lyrical expressiveness of the compositions and purity and purposefulness of the musicianship. Three of his recent albums of original music — “First Light” (2015), “The Road Home” (2017) and “Carpe Noctem” (2018) were nominated for ZMR Awards.

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