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Peter Calandra – Caritas


Caritas is the latest single from Ambient-Neo Classical composer Peter Calandra. It is a companion piece to his 2018 sacred orchestral album Carpe Noctem. 

Press release by Higher Level Media 

Caritas is the Latin term for Charity which, along with Faith and Hope, make up the three theological virtues of Christianity. This idea of Charity-giving to others and doing good with no attachment to reward is a central tenet that is found in many religions.

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For example, in Hinduism there is the concept of Karma Yoga (the path of unselfish action) which, along with Jnana, Raja, and Bahkti Yogas, make up the 4 classical spiritual paths of Hinduism. These ideals were the inspiration for the composition, Caritas.

A beautifully orchestrated, uplifting, and inspirational piece for Orchestra and Choir, Caritas is quiet music for a loud world.

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