Peter Calandra – Spirit


Spirit, the 2024 release by Peter Calandra is an album of beautiful piano based compositions. The 13 tracks on the album contain 10 original pieces composed by Peter along with 3 arrangements of early 1970’s songs Calandra played as a teen in bands.

The album will be released on 15 March 2024. Below is the first single, the opening track of the album, Spirit.

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The music ranges from sweet folk-like solo piano melodies to spacious, soulful piano accompanied by deeply ambient synthesizer washes and lyrical ballads. The track listing is as follows:

01) Spirit (Calandra) [05:02] 02) A Box Of Candles (Calandra) [04:02] 03) Layla (Eric Clapton, Jim Gordon) [05:06] 04) Joyful Light (Calandra) [05:27] 05) Fading Memories (Calandra) [05:27] 06) Stately and Kind (Calandra) [03:53] 07) The Weight (Robbie Robertson) [03:44] 08) Reflective Romance (Calandra) [03:56] 09) Thankful (Calandra) [03:34] 10) Uncle John’s Band (Jerry Garcia, Robert Hunter) [03:13] 11) Night Sky (Calandra) [03:38] 12) Spring Hope (Calandra) [03:05] 13) Spirit (Reprise) (Calandra) [04:12]

Spirit is quiet music for a loud world.

Peter Calandra is a prolific composer and keyboard player whose solo albums are wonderfully diverse, spanning world music, jazz, contemporary jazz, new age, pop, and neo-classical. The thread throughout his music is the lyrical expressiveness of the compositions and purity and purposefulness of the musicianship.

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