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Peter Calandra – Wolf Moon


The latest release from Peter Calandra titled “Wolf Moon” is a piano-based track inspired by the photo he took early one morning in January 2021 of the Wolf Moon as it descended over the Shawangunk Mountains near his home in the Hudson Valley of New York.

Press release by Higher Level Media 

A heartfelt and inspirational track, “Wolf Moon” features a soulful and sensitive piano performance with some hints of gospel music layered over a gentle pulsing rhythm.

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Peter Calandra is a prolific composer and keyboard player whose solo albums are wonderfully diverse, spanning world music, jazz, contemporary jazz, new age, pop, and neo-classical. The thread throughout his music is the lyrical expressiveness of the compositions and the purity and purposefulness of the musicianship. Three of his recent albums of original music — First Light (2015), The Road Home (2017), and Carpe Noctem (2018) were nominated for ZMR Awards.

For more information and music samples, visit petecalandramusic.com