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Peter Sterling – Sanctuary of Light


Peter Sterling recently released the album “Sanctuary of Light”. “The vision of the album was received in a dream to create music that would be very angelic and ethereal from start to finish,” says Sterling “No rhythm or drums here. Just free-flowing harp melodies accompanied by strings, flutes and assorted ethereal textures that take the listener thru different levels or spaces of soul illumination.”

Sterling worked on this recording for over a year, and with no other musicians playing alongside on the record, it is a true singular vision of what music is in his heart and soul.

The first track from “Sanctuary of Light”, “The Light Within”:

Sterling plays acoustic and electric harps, keyboards, piano. You will also hear Native flute, recorder, chimes, bells, rainstick, Freenote chimes, sound effects and vocals on the recording.

For more information and music samples, visit HarpMagic.com

“Sanctuary of Light” is now playing on New Age Stars Radio.

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