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Pianist Tony Ann Captivates Listeners with Third EP: Emotionally Red


After generating hundreds of millions of views across platforms and attracting a fervent global audience, piano virtuoso, multiplatinum songwriter, and social media sensation Tony Ann will releases his third EP, EMOTIONALLY RED, out today via Decca Records/Universal Music France.

Press release by Crossover Media

Tony has captivated listeners everywhere online. Following stints at both Cleveland Institute of Music and Berklee College of Music, the classically trained solo pianist has consistently unveiled viral content at a prolific pace. His online imprint consists of nearly 2 million total followers, while he has generated several million total views. Along the way, he has instituted fan favorite series such as “play that word” where viewers suggest words, and he crafts his own original compositions with letters on the keyboards.

Continuing on a brighter note, with “EMOTIONALLY RED”, Ann explores romance through a free flowing and spirited performance that effectively expresses the ubiquitous emotions associated with love. The main theme passes effortlessly between both hands showing Tony’s brilliant technique and ability as a composer to create compositions that are both simple and sophisticated simultaneously.

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“LOVE” is a piano ballad from Ann’s third EP EMOTIONALLY RED. Ann delivers a free flowing and spirited performance that brilliantly depicts the ubiquitous emotion that connects us all as humans. The theme gracefully passes between the left and right hand with a simple yet moving single note melody carrying the piece forward. A piece built on arpeggios, Ann evokes a new found romanticism compared with previous releases that makes for a refreshing sound on a project that tugs at the heartstrings.

“DESIRE” continues to build the sonic fabric of the EP through a passionate exploration of form and melody. Released as the lead single in tandem with Ann’s debut music video, a beautiful and expressive visual directed by students at the Institut Français de la Mode, the composition weaves through musical chapters ebbing and flowing with the rise and fall of each section. The contemporary dance paired with Ann’s piano fervidly displays the many moods of desire delivering a cathartic response from the listener as a result of the multi-sensory experience. Previously previewed too fans online as “Untitled” this piece and its accompanying video are sure to be well received by Ann’s global audience.

“PULSE” is another piece that originally was discovered by fans across the world on social media via its original title “Car Alarm”. Tony had the idea to turn what many would consider noise into a hypnotic and pulsating composition, writing a piece that perfectly fit with his new found metronome – a car alarm. Beating as one, Ann brilliantly weaved his piano magic around the monotonous drone to create something unique and musical that soon after sharing received millions of views online. After receiving many requests to hear the full composition without the alarm, Ann happily obliged and recorded a studio version to his fan’s delight. A fun and boundless addition to the EP.

“COURAGE” continues upon the themes of passion and devotion with an expansive and idyllic piece. The main theme feels flickers gracefully, dancing around a strong root motion in the left hand that anchors the boundless energy of the melody. The piece builds to a soaring climax with virtuosic melodic lines ascending and descending – Ann’s performance awe-inspiring and majestic.

“MEMORIES” pensively closes Tony’s 3rd and final EP of the “EMOTIONALLY” trilogy. A controlled and introspective performance feels an appropriate end to this 15 track project with the piece bookended by a single note motif that flickers between the tonic and the leading tone.

“EMOTIONALLY RED” sees Ann doing what he does best – evoking emotions through sophisticated simplicity – familiar harmonic progressions beneath memorable melodic writing with an artistic prowess steeped in virtuosity and compositional maturity. This 15 track trilogy of EPs is a remarkable debut project for an extremely gifted artist, pianist and composer. A maverick that is sure to continue to leave audiences marveling at his works in the neoclassical space and beyond.

For more information and music samples, visit tonyann.com.