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Rara Avis & Shiva Rea – Deep Dive (Guided Meditation)


Deep Dive is the fourth release in Soundbalm’s Music and Meditation series (Six Degrees Records), created by Shiva Rea, world-renowned yoga/movement facilitator and creator of Prana Vinyasa Flow, and Rara Avis, CEO/Co-Founder of YogiTunes. Alex is a former member of the group Desert Dwellers, solo artist and a pioneer in music for therapeutic embodiment. Deep Dive is the latest installment in their 20-year-long collaborative relationship.

On this journey, you will be guided to sync with the pulse of life, finding your natural breathing rhythm to gradually elongate, deepen and receive more prana – life force through your meditation.

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Experience three parts for 10 mins. each, in one profound 30-min session for enhancing flow states. Deep Dive is an offering from our heart as a positive ripple effect for our inner calm and immune support in a sea of stress. Deep Dive creates new pathways of flow for daily integration of the power of breathing.

It is also the latest in a series of immersive projects combining guided meditations with new, original music from some of the leading lights in the deep ambient music field.

Says Shiva Rea: “Our breath is a rhythmic wave flowing, 21,000 times a day. How many breaths do we fully experience? Each breath is an opportunity to receive and release and the Deep Dive journey is a guided, spacious, soundscape to experience the healing benefits of the “breath breathing us all.”

Rara adds, “A conscious, connected breath practice is perhaps one of the most understated, powerful tools we have at our disposal. It links our autonomic nervous system to our conscious waking minds and helps us tap into the limitless potential we have as human beings to build resilience, strength, compassion and awareness.
I’m so very grateful to be offering this music and breath wave journey with my dear friends and long time collaborators Shiva Rea and Bob Duskis (Six Degrees). It’s a potent partnership that has fuelled and inspired us to create something timeless that you can add to your tool kit and practice anytime, for the rest of your life. Enjoy the medicine that it brings.”

For more information and music samples, visit shivarea.love and raraavismusic.com.