Reneé Michele – The Space Within


Reneé Michele returned to the mountains of Vermont to once again record under the guidance of ace producers Will Ackerman and studio ace Tom Eaton. As a follow-up to her acclaimed 2014 release, Seasons of the Heart, The Space Within proves that sometimes sequels are every bit as good, if not better, than their predecessors.

Press release by LAZZ Promotions 

Reneé Michele’s characteristic light touch on the keys, where nuance and tone are emphasized over drama and power, is on abundant display throughout the ten tracks. A mixture of moods and evocations unwinds across all the selections, but the music maintains a calming sensation, whether the gentle somberness of the opening “My Angel,” the haunting melody of “In the Mist,” or the wistful reflective tone of “Life As a Cloud,” Reneé’s goal is to capture the emotional essence of each composition and communicate it to the listener, which she does with ease.

Will Ackerman states “Reneé Michele tells the truth. However remarkable her playing is, those prodigious talents are always in the service of heart. Though it easily could, Reneé’s ego doesn’t drive her. It is the soul of human emotion that inspires her and connects her with us in her new album, The Space Within.”

You may purchase the CD on the artist’s homepage.