Rick Sparks – Angeline


Rick Sparks’ brand new album is called Angeline. It is an enchanting tribute to three beautiful Tennessee ancestors in Rick’s early family history, all named “Angeline”, and all born in the 1800s.

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The three Aneline’s legacy is the emotional touchstone for Rick’s 10th studio album, featuring seven new originals and three covers of 1960s classics.

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Here are track descriptions in Rick Sparks’ own words: 

1. Angeline – The album’s title song was inspired by my grandmother Matilda Angeline Fortner, great-grandmother Mary Angeline Ridge, and great-great-grandmother Matilda Angeline Carver. My grandmother overcame the early loss of both her parents, marrying at 18 and raising a family of seven children during the Depression years. Her selfless love, abiding devotion to her family and quiet Christian faith inspired all who knew her. This song reflects the poignant joys and sorrows of her life.

2. Elysian Fields – A piano piece inspired by the traditional heavenly abode of heroes and those in my family circle who await me there.

3. Nights in White Satin – The first of the album’s three cover songs from the 1960s. This haunting & beautiful profession of love written by Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues is one of my favorites.

Rick Sparks

4. Moon Rain – My vision of a gentle, steady night rain, inspired by the lonely beauty of the moon.

5. Distant Light – A piano piece of alternating minor and major chords. While light may at times appear distant, its beauty & hope will never be extinguished.

6. Sea of Serenity – No matter where you are, the sea of serenity awaits to replenish your spirit.

7. Mother Nature’s Son – The 2nd of three cover songs from the 1960s; my arrangement of Paul McCartney’s lovely acoustic gem from The Beatles’ White Album.

8. Matilda’s Lullaby – My lullaby reflecting the peace and beauty of my grandmother Matilda’s spirit.

9. Little Tanasi – Growing up in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains, I learned early on that the mountains of Tanasi (Tennessee) were the ancestral home of the Cherokees, a place of great beauty & eventual sadness. In this song, I imagine both in a young maiden named Tanasi.

10. The Warmth of the Sun – My 3rd and final cover song from the 1960s, one of Brian Wilson’s finest & most beautiful compositions recorded by the Beach Boys. Written the day of President Kennedy’s death, the song reflects both comfort and hope during a dark time. In the backing track, you’ll hear an electric guitar & Hammond B3 organ, both staples of pop/rock music in the ‘60s.

For more information and music samples, visit ricksparksmusic.net.

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