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Ronald Van Deurzen – Night Walk


Night Walk expresses the solitude amidst life in the metropolis, while finding consolation in the quiet of a nighttime stroll. This piano-driven ambient music track is an intricate web of sounds that weave together to create a modern dreamscape of soft city lights, rainy sidewalks, the rhythmic pulse of public transit, and the city’s cold, urban pathways.

It encourages us to shed the weight of mental strain and find clarity. “There is a sense of irony in the fact that an overcrowded city can make a person feel lonely”, says Ronald Van Deurzen, as he reflects on the paradoxical nature of urban life. “One can be surrounded by tall buildings and bustling traffic that seemingly never ends, yet feel like an island amidst a sea of people. Going out for a walk in the evening allows you to embrace the stillness, so that you can process whatever anxious thoughts trouble you and rediscover the tenacity that you have within.”

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The track incorporates a variety of musical influences. Minimal piano and various other instruments blend with synthesizers and strings, while modern effects and sounds are used to create the music’s cinematic ambiance. Within the heart of the composition, an evocative jazzy piano solo represents an internal struggle, ultimately leading to a calm resolution.

Night Walk can be listened to on a variety of streaming sites and is accompanied by an official music video complementing the musical narrative:

In contrast to the uplifting energies of previous releases such as Seashells or his HMMA-nominated piece Hopeful Bliss, pianist & composer Ronald Van Deurzen’s ‘Night Walk’ musically builds upon the aforementioned and explores a more ambiguous, melancholic tone reflected within the music.

For more information and music samples, visit ronaldvandeurzen.com.

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