Ronald Van Deurzen – Pillars of Faith (ft. Ffion Elisa)


Pillars of Faith entails the faith and perseverance one finds during a time of affliction. The barebones of our spirituality that we stand on, make us believe in ourselves, in each other, and make us move forward from a place of darkness,” Ronald Van Deurzen says.

Influenced by Celtic music and fantasy fiction, Van Deurzen’s New Age piano and light orchestral accompaniment is supplemented by the hauntingly beautiful voice of Welsh vocalist Ffion Elisa, transporting you to a different time and place.

Pillars of Faith can be listened to right now on Bandcamp and will soon also be available on streaming services. It is also playing on New Age Stars Radio!

Artist Bio:
Ronald Van Deurzen is an award-winning pianist and composer of New Age and cinematic music. His music ranges from contemporary piano to soundscapes and orchestral arrangements, and always aims to connect to the heart of the listener. Ronald recently received an award at the InterContinental Music Awards for his uplifting New Age track ‘Hopeful Bliss’. The piece was also nominated last year at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards in the New Age/Ambient category. Ronald is currently working on his 3rd New Age album featuring several guest musicians and takes influences from related genres such as classical, ambient and world music. See New Age Music Guide’s full Ronald Van Deurzen coverage here.

Ffion Elisa is an eminently talented bilingual vocalist, songwriter and voice-over actor based in North Wales, UK. Working remotely, her stunning and dynamic voice can be heard on cinematic film, documentary scores and video game soundtracks (Homeworld 3, Last Epoch). Fun fact: Ffion’s ethereal vocals on ‘Pillars of Faith’ are sung as a fictional language purposely for the song. It is inspired by old Welsh, although it has its own spin on it, bringing a mystical vibe to the piece.