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Ronald van Deurzen – Seashells


Award-winning pianist & composer Ronald Van Deurzen announces his new single Seashells, a modern electronic New Age track recently released alongside a music video. The song begins with dreamy New Age piano and light orchestral backing where after it gradually develops into an electronic/lounge beat featuring a guitar theme and a variety of modern and retro synthesizers. It takes on an overall punchy but soothing vibe.

The song explores the thought: “If seashells are what you’re looking for, you’ll find them with ease. But if you’re willing to go the extra mile, you’ll end up finding pearls.”

These days, everyone is constantly looking for a quick high, without stopping to enjoy the beauty of it. Whether it be our relationships or experiences, we only enjoy them at surface levels, like the outside of a beautiful seashell. When we get bored of these interactions, we find a new temporary joy.

We fail to realize that if we stop and understand each relationship and each experience at a deeper level, we will find their true value hidden within, like a pearl in a seashell. The reality is that most of us are probably already surrounded by many beautiful seashells. We just haven’t truly cared to try to open them yet.

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Artist Bio:
Ronald Van Deurzen is a pianist and composer in New Age and cinematic music. His pieces often tell a story, express a thought or a mood, and always aim to connect to the heart of the listener. He has received accolades from the InterContinental Music Awards and Hollywood Music In Media Awards. His piece Pillars of Faith previously ranked #2 on New Age Music Guide.

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