Ryan Farish – United


“United” is the name of Ryan Farish’s new album. It picks up where he left off with his #5 Billboard Charting album, “Spectrum”. Exploring the softer side of electronic music, “United” features 14 songs that carry a consistent theme of soaring, ambient guitars, warm analog tones and Ryan Farish’s signature lush piano leads… melodies that at once will uplift the listener, but also bring about a sense of calm and hope, which is a familiar theme found in much of the artist’s music.

“The songs from United are songs that I feel very connected to. This past June my daughter was born,” says Farish. “During the months leading up to her birth, and immediately following her arrival, everything for me became more focused. It was like seeing the world in an entirely new way, for the first time and my heart grew in ways unimaginable to me. These intense feelings naturally came through in the music I was creating during this time.”

“United” is a special album for me, and I hope that the joy, and this sense of connecting with the present that I experienced over this period of my life while creating this album, will translate to everyone who hears this music in some small way. And, if you listen closely, you’ll hear lots of little sounds that my baby daughter contributed to this music, which is very special for me to share with you,” says Farish.

For more samples, visit Ryanfarish.com.