Ryan Judd – Darkness to Light


Darkness to Light by Ryan Judd is a reflective and relaxing instrumental guitar track. Exquisite pads created by Tom Eaton give it a deeply calming foundation. Ryan’s inspiration for this tune came from a story that a dear friend told him about his nephews seeing their Dad after many days of being apart. As these children, who were bursting with love, ran up to greet their Dad, they immediately got yelled at and scolded by him.

Press release by Higher Level Media

This story of a child’s loving spirit being crushed like this, pained Ryan deeply. He continued the story in his mind by having the older brother comfort and do his best to raise the spirits of his sibling. This is the “Light” that helped brighten some of the darkness of that experience and is reflected musically in a more uplifting section of this music.

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Ryan’s fingerstyle skills and choice of the nylon string guitar give this track a truly unique sound. Tom Eaton, a 2022 Grammy-nominated sound engineer, mixed and mastered this nylon string guitar track assuring that it sounds lush, peaceful, and inviting. Meditation and Spa Stations would be ideal places for this track to be featured. The genres that this tune would fall under would be New Age, Relaxation, Contemporary Instrumental, and Acoustic.

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