Ryan Judd – Never to Return (Celestial Guitar)


Never to Return by Ryan Judd is a reflective and relaxing instrumental guitar track. Ryan’s inspiration for this tune comes from a place of grief and loss around his father being gone for work during much of his childhood.

Press release by Higher Level Media

Having two young boys of his own, Ryan realizes more than ever how precious and fleeting these times are.

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Ryan Judd is a Billboard Chart Topping recording artist and is an internationally known music therapist. He debuted with Sleep Soundly: Guitar Music for Insomnia (2014) and has since released 18 albums and three compilations – the latest being Relaxing Guitar 4. Ryan’s recordings have been streamed more than 130 million times during the past five years.

In February 2021, Judd released Soaring Together with cellist Kristen Miller. The New Age Music Guide post about this release concludes: What I find most fascinating with Judd’s new album, is how each listen seems to highlight its different qualities – depending on the listener’s mood. If you are tired and want to sleep, it is like a warm blanket. Or if you want to read or create, its complexity shines through and gives your imagination wings.” 

For more information and music samples, visit ryanjuddmusic.com.