Ryan Marvel – Generous Night, Redeem


Composer and pianist Ryan Marvel dwells in music of the human condition: raw, heart-opening and filled with personal story. “Generous Night, Redeem” is the follow-up to Marvel’s extremely vulnerable release, “Reflecting Forward“, that spoke to pain, making amends, learning through challenge and redemption. The album will be released on September 6, 2019.

Press release by higherlevel.media

Marvel’s new release, “Generous Night, Redeem”, brings us into the next chapter of his life. Ryan’s pieces take you on a journey of walking through darkness – not around – and wanting to experience all that humanity has to bless us with. The music here reflects memory, truth, love, loss, transformation and letting go.

Marvel collaborated with his mom, a published poet, as the music corresponds to an original poem that appears on the back cover. He invites the listener on this adventure of memory, time, and deep personal discovery hoping that our journey be enlightened -always walking the path to better visions.

You can sample two tracks from “Generous Night, Redeem” on Bandcamp now, “Whispered Words” and “Crying Heart at Sleepless Dawn”.

You may also pre-order the album on Bandcamp (see link above).

Get to know Ryan Marvel
Ryan Marvel is an award-winning pianist, composer and arranger from Fort Collins, CO. He began to tinker on the piano at a young age, watching his brother and grandmother play and recreate what he was hearing. Once in lessons, he frustrated his early teachers as reading music seemed like a burden to him. Eventually, he would come to know a teacher who understood individual creativity and taught him the value of reading to enhance arranging and composition.

Ryan began to think about classical piano as a career through his high school years, studying with Patricia Weaver in Durango. Responding to his desire to go to Julliard, his teacher would tell him “Great! Get ready to give everything to the dream…and get ready to give everything else up…like basketball, tennis, skiing…” Ryan reconsidered. He continued to compose and arrange music and attended NAU in Flagstaff on a music scholarship. At the time, it wasn’t a good fit for Ryan so he returned home to focus on composition.

For the next several years, Ryan worked in the restaurant industry. Days off were spent skiing and hiking and camping, and piano became more of a side pursuit. While he found success in the business, he always felt that calling back to music. In April 1999, he took a very part-time job as a pianist at a small church in Chandler, AZ. That decision would bring musical fulfillment back into Ryan’s life for good.

Marvel frequently concertizes in homes and churches locally and nationally, and is in demand as a guest pianist and conductor. He works as an independent arranger and composer and also maintains a full private piano studio. Current projects include plans for solo albums, composing for cello and piano, arranging and composing for SATB choir and collaborating with songwriters for studio sessions. He has scored for three documentary projects and holds the goal to one day compose for feature films.

In his spare time, he loves to be outdoors at the ocean, or in the mountains hiking, skiing and camping. Passions include family, wolves, nature, red wine, really good coffee and sleeping until 11:00. Ryan’s true love is daughter Elena Rose, affectionately called “Lanie”.

For more information and music samples, see ryanmarvel.com