SEAY – Dream – Out Today


“Dream” is the name of SEAY’s new immersive single EP, which is being released today. In an age dominated by negative news and crisis, “Dream” offers a multilevel “rediscovery” of dreaming, imagining, loving, and living. It is hands down the most refreshing piece of music released in years! Every part of the presentation is exquisite; the song itself, the cover artwork, Andreea Petcu’s video, and the selection of different HD audio formats (Dolby Atmos, 3D Binaural Sound, and Ultra HD). Listening to the song, I’m inspired to say; the dream becomes a reality the moment you press the play button!

SEAY is a Billboard award-winning recording artist and three-time Peace Song award recipient. SEAY’s formative years were spent playing piano and studying voice. She later attended the Sotheby’s Art Institute in London with graduate studies in Decorative Art. While living in England and returning to her family’s English roots, her musical journey began singing on projects for song publishers Carlin, Motown, Warner Chappell Music, artists Elaine Paige and Annie Lennox, and performing in London’s music scene. SEAY’s first album, “1 Voice”, was released in 2005. About her 2016 album, we wrote that: “A hallmark of great art is that it makes you see the world with new eyes. SEAY’s “In the Garden” is such an album. There’s so much beauty everywhere, and SEAY makes us appreciate it all – from the deepest oceans, via the human spirit, and into space.”

There is an eye-opening quality to the “Dream” single as well. The music video starts with a tropical island becoming visible through the fog. This is a safe space, a musical dreamland just for you. SEAY’s material has the same characteristic as Enya’s music; it becomes personal to the listener very fast. It might sound like a cliché, but the music connects with your soul and feelings. If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself:

First, I would like to focus on the melody. It is a mesmerizing composition that lulls the listener into a relaxed state. The immersive sound blocks out other sounds. There is a melancholy here that you will pick up on right away, a sadness that is lurking right under the surface. In SEAY’s own words:

“The world and humanity have been tested the last few years, and somehow we should seek to immerse ourselves in the sacred. the light of life is all around us, there is pain, there is sadness, there is joy, there is beauty, I have lost loved ones to this recent pandemic, but I still believe we should never stop dreaming, imagining, loving, living; Desire and intention create our world and universe.”

“Dream” is so much more than 3 minutes and 11 seconds of music. It is a statement that we, as we are entering the post-covid19 era, have to rediscover the ability to dream. It is an important message, and the moment to start dreaming is NOW.

SEAY has always been pushing the boundaries of audio quality. Her debut album “1 Voice” was mixed 5.1 surround sound. As mentioned above, “Dream” is available in Dolby Atmos, 3D Binaural Sound, and Ultra HD. The easiest way to experience the HD audio is to put on a good quality headset and look for the HD logo in your streaming service (like the below Spotify file). Today, many people have Dolby Atmos ready TV set, so it is also a good idea to check if this is something you already have (but perhaps are not aware of). When you listen to “Dream” in HD, it feels as if you are actually visiting SEAY’s magical island. You can hear the waves and the wind coming from different places – and center stage; SEAY’s larger-than-life vocal. The instruments, too, sound near and incredibly clear. It really takes the listening experience to a new level. Again; hearing is believing:

In conclusion: SEAY’s “Dream” is a true treat for any New Age music fan! It is one of those rare releases where everything is just right – even the timing. That said, what makes “Dream” Illumination unique is Seay’s vocal. To me, she is up there together with Enya and Loreena McKennitt. The focus on HD formats is also very welcome in a genre dominated by “standard” audio quality. I’m also very impressed with the melody. You only need to listen to it once to get hooked. Find your replay button; you are going to need it.

It is time – after a year in Covid19 lockdown – to start dreaming again. A big thanks to Seay for showing us the way!

You can visit Seay at her websites: