Seda Bağcan – Mantrance Joy


If you want to take your meditation to the next level, look no further. “Mantrance Joy” is an upbeat and ecstatic collection of remixed mantras from Seda Bağcan’s previous albums. You will sense right away that this is an album made with the listener in mind; there are even extended versions of each song included. Seda Bağcan has delivered a phenomenal release filled to the brim with joy, rhythm, and fantastic mantra melodies.

Seda Bağcan‘s musical life began at a very early age; when she was six, she had her first concert experience accompanying the Ankara Radio Turkish Music Orchestra and Choir. She was seven years old when she began taking piano and harmony lessons, at the same time, she became a member of the Ankara Music Association’s Children’s choir. Since 1990 she has been practicing Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga, and Jivamukti Yoga. She is a yoga teacher and a performing artist who conducts yoga classes. During her yoga performing sessions, she discovered mantra music.

In her albums, recorded with dedication and love, Seda aimed to mingle Turkish music sounds with the mantras. As a result, a perfect musical compilation of Seda has been accomplished in her first album, “Sunrise” and then the second album “Remember“. In 2012 she released her third album, “Sufi Soul Neyim“. About “Mantrance Joy”, Seda says: “If we want to stay healthy, we must stay in love, joy, peace, and enlightenment.  These vibes can help protect us against any illness or unwanted events.”

Wahe Joi
The album opener is called “Wahe Joi”. The mantra of ecstasy sounds ecstatic in every sense of the word. The arrangement is a delightful and highly danceable mix of electro and trance. Seda Bağcan’s magnificent vocal is our guide in this divine soundscape. There’s even a violin somewhere in the background. And most importantly, it is highly meditative.

The “Har Har Gobinde” mantra breaks down the barriers of the past. I love the trance intro and the super optimistic sound of the mantra. The steel-string instrument is also a nice touch, connecting us with the past. And wow, what a treat “Triple Mantra” is! It is so dark and enigmatic, but Bağcan is lucky here to guide us along. There’s a hint of house music, too but at center stage is the ancient-sounding flute. “Triple Mantra” is bold and inspired.

Mul Mantra
Moving on, the quick and refreshing “Mul Mantra” makes the heart beat faster, while the glorious “Adi Shakti” has a nice pop vibe. The “Guru Ram Das” mantra is fantastic in any context, and Seda’s version is beautiful beyond words. Its larger-than-life sound feels deeply healing.

The ballad “Wahe Guru Wahe Jio” is the unforgettable album closer, giving the listener a warm feeling that lasts for a long time. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out yourself:

As mentioned above, all mantras have an extended version – making this into a true treasure chest for new and old fans!

In conclusion: Artists often call their music a gift to the world. That is often, at best, an overstatement. Listening to “Mantrance Joy” though, that such a statement seems to be an undeniable truth. It really is a gift! It is impossible to feel sad while listening to “Mantrance Joy”. Indeed, I find it hard to sit still when playing the hyper-modern versions of these ancient mantras. Get ready to feel some genuine mantrance joy!!

The album is available on Domo Music, where it currently is for sale. 

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