Songs for the Sangha Out Now



The new album by New Age music superstars Deva Premal & Miten, Songs for the Sangha, has now been released. Here’s a presentation of the album:

Songs for the Sangha is a loving invitation to shift away from the daily rush of “doing” into our deeper realms of simply “being.” Play it for your kids, or as you drive to work, cook dinner, do yoga or meditate. Play it in the bedroom, or in your ear buds as you traverse your city streets. People may wonder why you have such a big smile on your face, but that’s ok!

Deva & Miten are offering their very first live Q&A session at Facebook on Saturday, June 27 – they will be answering questions about the new album, plus anything else you’d like to ask. Join the Q&A event now, and you can also post a question in advance.

And you can catch a glimpse behind the mikes in this fascinating video, as Deva & Miten and their musicians tell the story of how they created this enchanting new music.

The album is available on iTunes here and here on Spotify.