Sonic Yogi – Breath into Being


Breath into Being by Sonic Yogi is inspired by live meditation events on the Insight Timer meditation app in 2021. Each Session would begin with a “musical” piece before moving into a deeper meditative sound space. Each piece with rhythm is designed so that the practitioner can also “breathe along” with the music. “Inhale four (counts) and Exhale more…” is the basic instruction. 

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By extending the exhale and slowing the number of breaths per minute a number of physiological and mental shifts begin to occur moving the listener towards a more relaxed and meditative state. The musical pieces here can be used in this manner or simply enjoyed as music.

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Sonic Yogi (Jonathan Adams) originated in 2012 after Jonathan’s recovery from extreme anxiety. As a professional touring musician, he knew the potential of music to entertain and move our emotions, now following this experience he discovered its power as a healing force. Since that experience, Jonathan has put his intention and focus into the exploration of the healing potential of sound. His vision is to offer sounds
and practices for developing peace of mind and relaxation. Jonathan produces meditations, and instructional courses for the Insight Timer meditation app. Over the years this audience has grown to well over 100k meditators and seekers.

His most recent course “Release Stress through the power of sound” is available from Insight Timer. His music is also used nationally for Golds Gym yoga and Centergy classes.

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