Sounds from the Circle VIII



New Age Music Circle founder Suzanne Doucet officially announced the release of the organization’s eighth annual compilation during a live interview on the UK-based Hawke Chill Out Sessions on HFM 102.3. Doucet, along with collaborator Beth Ann Hilton, discussed highlights of the compilation and gave away free copies of the CD to promote it to the shows global audience. Physical and digital versions are available now, available via multiple social media communities and websites.

Doucet said, “This is one of our most diverse compilations yet…overall it’s very inspiring, romantic and transformational. Since there is not one particular ‘New Age’ sound, our compilations are relaxing yet eclectic. And the quality is terrific! We include top composers from TV & Film, alongside GRAMMY® winners, ZMR Award winners, while also introducing the best developing artists we can find from all over the world.”

Sounds from the Circle VIII is the eighth in a series produced by the founder of the network, New Age music consultant and pioneer, Suzanne Doucet of Only New Age Music, and associate produced by Beth Ann Hilton, media strategist and founder of The B Company. If played continuously, Doucet says, Volumes 1 through 8 would provide over 30 hours of music, ranging from sweeping cinematic pieces to relaxing space music to exotic world beats. The producers and artists provide the compilation to hundreds of internet and terrestrial radio stations and websites around the world for airplay; Hilton and Doucet will join Donna Jo Thornton on The Morning Breeze this coming October to share insights and giveaways.


The duo has watched, in recent years, as New Age music has attracted a new fan base among Millenials such as electronic DJs, producers, sound designers, and audiophile music collectors. The New Age music sub-genres provide plenty of opportunity for crossover genres and re-mixing, including Chill, Ambient, Meditative, Vocals, Nature, Trance, World, Solo Piano, Space, Electronic and more. The promotional compilations are available in both physical and digital format; featured artists may give away the CDs, or fans can get the music as a SFTC VIII playlist on Spotify, a YouTube playlist, and via special promotions on Twitter @SoundsFTCircle (#SFTC8), Pinterest, and Instagram.

Ever-changing Circle

The Sounds from the Circle are ever-changing, Doucet says, as evolutionary and endless as the Circle itself. Every year, new musicians join the unique online community to contribute to the compilation, which also provides a strong promotional platform to international artists relatively new to the U.S. market. Now an online community of over 1770 artists, the community presents a microcosm of today’s vibrant international New Age music scene. The Sounds of the Circle compilations are always eclectic, showcasing New Age music from countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Lithuania, India, Brazil, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, South Africa and more.

Hilton – a media specialist in the niche — estimates, at least a dozen new media outlets dedicated to the genre have emerged in the last few years. “New Age music is a very broad genre, and has updated its sound over time; it’s not what most people assume it to be,” Hilton says. “Most of the artists embracing the genre are individuals dedicated to making great music to help others – from either a healing or inspiring perspective – although others simply want to make incredible soundscapes. There is room for everyone. The best of this music has always been heartfelt, visionary, and painstakingly produced. You’ll hear achingly-beautiful acoustic guitar, lush piano, didgeridoo, Native American flute, dulcimer, vocals, electronica, and sweeping instrumental pieces on SFTC8….and more. We’re very proud of these musicians and the music.”

Excellent Artists

Doucet and Hilton say they are eager to provide the compilation to programmers for airplay and giveaways, and to donate them to celebrity gift bags. Previous volumes of SFTC appeared on New Age Music Odyssey, New Age Universe, and was chosen as “Album of the Year” by Reviews New Age and New Age World Music. In recent years, international radio programs such as Radio Despi’s La Otra Orilla in Spain or Radio Plenitude in France have dedicated entire programs to playing the compilation start to finish. Programmers may email their airplay and giveaway copy requests to bethhilton (at) theBcompany (dot) com.

Sounds from the Circle VIII features the music of Liquid Mind, Louis Colaiannia, Paul Landry, Laima Gaizutis, Natascha Wilczek, Alan Roth, Jennifer DeFrayne, Shiva in Exile, Suzanne Doucet, Tron Syversen, Darius Ghanat (feat. Nancy Rumbel), Kimberly Haynes (feat. David Vito Gregoli), Jeffrey Fisher, J S Kingfisher, Peter Kater, Bernward Koch, Peter Calandra, Kevin Wood (feat. Jami Sieber), Phoenix Rising, Merrill Collins & Phoebe Crenshaw, Jerry Rockwell, Lia Scallon, The Haiku Project, Vibeke Sonora, Michael Hoppe’, Chitra Sukhu, Rick Batyr, Al Jewer and Andy Mitran, Kirtan Rabbi, Get Tribal, Neil Tatar, Pamela Jamian, Bryan Carrigan, Russell Suereth, Steven Halpern and Jorge Alfano, Anaya Music, 2002, Josefine and Trine Opsahl, Fiona Joy, Ricky Kej and Wouter Kellerman.

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