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Stephen Peppos – And Then Came Love


Stephen Peppos presents his 8th album, “And Then Came Love”. It speaks to the quiet joy and soft contentment that comes with finding true love. “The piano is a beautiful instrument,” says Peppos. “I wanted to reveal it’s softer, deeper tones with these 14 songs.”

Enjoy the album sampler:

“All but 2 songs are solo piano,” says Peppos. “Inside the music, you will find my heartfelt interpretation of love through a variety of memorable, melodic motifs that are inviting and reflective.

I am dedicating this album to my Mom, who had the insight to introduce me to the piano when I was 5 years old. Thank you Mom.”

For more information and music samples, see stephenpeppos.com

You may pre-order the album on Amazon.


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