Strings of Beauty – The EverSound Guitar Collection


EverSound is celebrating the magic of one of the finest, and most popular instruments ever – the Guitar. “Strings of Beauty – The EverSound Guitar Collection” is now available. 

The history of the guitar is, in one sense, a history of humanity itself. With roots that go all the way to the birth of modern civilization in ancient Mesopotamia, the guitar’s evolution is long and exciting.

Almost every society in the world has been found to have developed some variation of this fascinating instrument.

Whether the music is classical, folk, flamenco, country, rock, or jazz, the unique sound of the guitar allows for a universe of different personal expressions.

Its beautiful shape and design have inspired not only musicians, but artisans as well.

“EverSound’s Strings of Beauty is a collection of guitar pieces that both inspire and awe, including the exquisite “Into the Dark Night” by John Mills, John Adorney’s joyful “Never Alone,” Diane Arkenstone’s thoughtful “Stars Above Spain,” and the sublime “This Moment Called Now,” by Manuel Iman. Strings of Beauty is a welcome reminder as to why the guitar is so universally loved.”

 ~ BT Fasmer

The album is available for download here. The CD version will be available shortly.