Stuart Hoffman’s Essential Collection – Can´t Stop This Love


Can’t Stop This Love is a celebration of Stuart Hoffman’s music spanning over two decades, released by EverSound. The collection showcases Hoffman’s versatility as a composer, singer, piano player, producer, and arranger.

In this special collaboration, he is joined by Daya Rawat, Jerry Marotta, Fuzzbee Morse, Manuel Iman, Stephen Rivera, Pedro Eustache, Eduardo Del Signore, Tara Driscoll, Richard Hardy, and more.

“Stuart Hoffman’s music is a total treasure – a way to get more deeply in touch with the silent longing inside you. Beautifully crafted, and lovingly composed, each song on this compilation is a doorway into your highest self and the celebration of the very best of who you are. Turn up the volume. Turn down the noise and let it rip!” says Mitch Ditkoff, Co-Founder and President of Idea Champions.

Can’t Stop This Love is available for download now on EverSound. The CD will be available around August 20.