Sunrise by Wutslav Walk


Today we present the music of Wutslav Walk. He is ready with his first New Age music album, entitled “Sunrise”. Be sure to check it out, because he has a lot to offer! 

Wutslav gives us this introduction to “Sunrise” – and his music in general;

“My debut LP album Sunrise is compilation of calming meditative songs as well as more lively songs for activation and new energy. sunrise2You can find pure piano songs there as well as multi-intstrumental songs with vocals. Vocals in this album have no lyrics though – I know that words like mantras can be very powerful, but sometimes, as do many other musicians, I like to use my voice only as an instrument, just for the sound of it, without planting any further obvious meaning to the mind of the listener.

A big part of my inspiration is nature – you can see that even by looking at the names of the songs on the album. Nature makes my mind and my whole self quiet down, open up and dive into the silence, stillness and peace. And that is amazing state in which inspiration doesn’t get interrupted by my mind and ego and I just become a channel, a messenger of music and various kinds of beautiful things. Another big part of my inspiration are emotions and feelings. If something touches me deeply, or I experience some amazing joy or other emotion, an appropriate “soundtrack” for that moment and feeling starts playing in my head.

I made this album from the most beautiful feelings of joy, love, peace and connection to the nature and the universe as whole. And I believe this album can bring the same feelings to the listeners as well…”
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