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Suzanne Ciani – Live Quadraphonic


“Live Quadraphonic” was performed by Suzanne Ciani in San Francisco on March 5, 2016. It was Suzanne’s first solo Buchla performance in 40 years and was played on a Buchla 200e System. Of this show there will only be 227 LPs available, all numbered. The item was released this week, so if you want your copy you will have to be quick.

The release of “Live Quadraphonic” includes a hardware decoder to decode two channels of audio from the vinyl disc back to the four-channel recording. The price for the package is $227 plus origin-based tax/shipping. It is only available to US addresses.

Wired.com writes:

“Long before the days of the 5.1-channel home theater, there was quadraphonic audio. This original surround-sound format, which employed four speakers for playback, became popular among analog audiophiles in the 1970s. If you had a quadraphonic rig in your living room (or bachelor pad), you could set up a pair of speakers in front of you and a pair behind you, then bathe in every note from one of the thousands of quadraphonic LPs available at the time—stuff from people like Santana, Three Dog Night, and Pink Floyd, along with reams of classical music. (…)

In the box, you get a 180-gram vinyl pressing of Suzanne Ciani’s 30-minute live electronic music performance. You plug in the stereo outputs from your turntable, then connect the board to four powered speakers and place them around you, putting one in each corner of the listening environment. This quad decoder, custom built by the Australian high-end audio company Involve Audio, sends the appropriate signal to each of your four speakers, lending a more defined sense of space to the music.”

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You may purchase “Live Quadraphonic” here.  But be quick –  only few left.