Suzanne Herman – Path of the Sandpiper


Path of the Sandpiper is Suzanne Herman’s first single release in 2022. One of her favorite activities is walking the local, west coast of Florida, beaches. The powdery white sand and iconic sunsets are a perfect setting for sandpipers, one of Florida’s beautiful beach birds. This piece was inspired by these little birds gently scurrying around and moving together along the water’s edge.

Press release by Higher Level Media

Suzanne Herman has demonstrated a gift for piano music and composition since she was a teenager. Classified as a professional musician by the age of 14, her decades of experience inspire students and listeners alike. Many of Suzanne’s students have become award-winning pianists at local, state, and national levels under her tutelage. Lifeline, her debut album, and songbook released in 2018, was composed in honor of her brother, Raymond, who died suddenly in 2014; the works reflect Suzanne’s process of coping with grief and overcoming loss. Today, she is a composer, piano recording/performing artist, and owner of an independent piano and composition teaching studio near Florida’s Tampa Bay Area.

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Suzanne went on to perform extensively throughout the United States and played a variety of genres and styles, including classical, sacred, jazz, and contemporary solo piano. She also served as the Director of Music and as an organist at numerous churches. A professional piano instructor since 1985, Suzanne endeavors to inspire her students in the same way her instructors inspired her. She released her second album and songbook, Horizons, in 2018 to remind her listeners and students of the wonderment that new experiences can add to our lives. For aspiring young students, her third release, Cheerful Explorations, highlights pianistic learning to develop a life-long appreciation for music. The piano stylings in Cascades of Time, Suzanne’s subsequent release after her travels through the mountains of Wyoming, portray the fleeting nature of both joyful moments and challenging times.

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