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Suzanne Herman – Stories from Portugal


Suzanne Herman’s new album is called “Stories from Portugal”. About the album, Suzanne says: “During travels throughout Portugal, it was apparent that this country is wonderfully rich with tradition, beauty, and friendliness. Exploring the landscape and mingling with the people was a clear reminder that everyone has a unique story. We carry our personal stories with us wherever we venture in this world.”

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Likewise, wherever we venture in this world adds to our personal stories. This is the inspiration behind the music of “Stories From Portugal”. According to Suzanne, “music evokes and creates emotions. It calms, excites, and helps us push through. Music celebrates our joys and triumphs; it helps us during our greatest sadness and grief. Music inspires and heals.”

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Get to know the artist
Suzanne Herman, a native Floridian, is a performing artist of classical, jazz, sacred, and contemporary piano solo music. Suzanne is also an instructor, accompanist, orchestral soloist, adjudicator, and clinician. Additionally, Suzanne has held positions at numerous churches throughout her career as pianist, organist, and Director of Music.

Presently, Suzanne owns an independent piano and composition teaching studio with over 40 students. As a member of the National Federation of Music Clubs and the National Music Teachers’ Association, Suzanne endeavors to inspire her students in the same way that her instructors inspired her. Under her tutelage, many of her students have won local, state, regional, and national awards.

After many musical and personal accomplishments, Suzanne began to record her own original compositions. Her first extended play album, Lifeline, was composed in honor of her brother, Raymond, whose tragic and untimely death in 2014 was a tremendous loss. This EP thus reflects the emotions when coping with grief. Suzanne’s second album, Horizons, was composed as a reminder of the wonderment in the experiences and places of our lives. The third release, Cheerful Explorations, is the first in a series of instructional songbooks. Cheerful Explorations was composed for aspiring, young students, highlighting their pianistic learning and development of a life-long appreciation for music.

Suzanne’s Cascades of Time album portrays the passing years and fleeting moments. These ten piano solos depict the continuation of time through periods of both joy and tribulation.

Stories from Portugal, released in May, 2021 is Suzanne’s most recent album. While traveling throughout Portugal, Suzanne was inspired by the country’s rich traditions, welcoming people, and natural beauty. Exploring the landscape and mingling with the locals served as a reminder that everyone carries their personal story wherever they venture in this world.

For more information and music samples, visit SuzanneHerman.com