Symphonex Orchestra – Music That Tells A Story


The songs for the album series, ‘Music That Tells a Story’ by Symphonex Orchestra, are a collection of orchestral adventures that have inspired authors to put pen to paper, writing words to the images that this music evokes.

Guitarist/composer Peter Xifaras is the creative force behind the Symphonex Orchestra. Peter’s body of work ranges from classical to contemporary.

The below videos are great introduction to the world of Symphonex Orchestra:

Variations on a Theme of Tromboncino
These contemporary variations sung in Italian derive from the song Ostinato vo’ seguire by Bartolomeo Tromboncino, published circa 1500. The musical form is based on the “Frottola”; a popular song, which was often driven by a love theme. The Frottola came into existence in Italy during the Renaissance.

Dreams In Bloom
The composition on disc-1 is comprised of six songs. This instrumental collection inspired a beautiful love story to be written where the forces of fate and destiny are at play. The version on disc-2 includes the narrated stories along with their instrumental counterparts in the order they are meant to be heard.

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‘Music That Tells a Story’ Album trailer: