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Terry Oldfield – Nothing Wrong at All


Terry Oldfield’s news single is called “Nothing Wrong at All”. It is, according to Terry, a ballad about “the search for happiness, the discovery of who we really are.”

“The end of the search comes when we discover that we are and have always been, always will be, the thing we have been searching for… happiness itself,” says Terry.

The single is available on Bandcamp.

The lyrics:


I used to think that I could make this world into a better place
But I found it was impossible … until I turned around to face
The emptiness inside … and all the things I’d try to turn away from …
Everything I tried to put aside
Then I fell in love with everything … Threw away the key
To all the places I’d been sheltering … to where I’d rather be
And then I fell in love with everything … Broke down the wall
Now there’s nothing wrong with anything … Nothing wrong at all …


Well they said I’d need more wisdom to take me to a better place…
And I lived a life full of promises …
Until I got some grace … and then …
I saw that it was beautiful …The emptiness inside so full of everything…
And I’d just been taken for a ride


This game of life we enter … To remember who we really are
It’s a journey of a lifetime … To find we’re just a falling star
In an empty sky … There’s nowhere left to hide …
It’s where the music and the silence coincide
chorus to end