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The Dalai Lama – Inner World – Released Today


The Dalai Lama’s “Inner World” has been released today. The 11-track album coincides with the spiritual leader’s 85th birthday. Here His Holiness recites sacred mantras and teachings with accompanying music performed on more than 30 instruments.

The album was recorded over five years with Junelle Kunin, a New Zealand musician and practicing Buddhist.

The album is not yet up on Spotify. All songs are available on Youtube. See the complete track list below.

Inner World Track List

1. “The Buddha”
2. “One Of My Favourite Prayers”
3. “Compassion”
4. “Courage”
5. “Ama La”
6. “Healing”
7. “Wisdom”
8. “Purification”
9. “Protection”
10. “Children”
11. “Humanity”